Classified by Varend Erfgoed Vlaanderen

Type TSDY Twin screw displacement yacht
Design Thornycroft
Construction Thornycroft Southampton 1955
Hull in teak double-planked (24 + 10 mm) with canvas in between
Deck teak (2,4 cm width)
Roofs pine
Length 16 meter - 55 feet
Weight Approx. 25 Ton
Engines Thornycroft RZ6, nrs 94 & 95 (6 cylinder)
Slowrunning engines (1400 rpm)
Reduction 1:3 hydraulic
Speed: 10 knots at 1200 rpm
Interior Six people can comfortably live in this ship with two bathrooms, each with toilet, sink en shower.
Fridge, oven, gas stove, kitchen sink, cupboards.
Saloon/sleeping room
Foldable double bed, mahony wooden cupboard and bar.
Six brass portholes.
Back part of the ship
Entrance hall and 2 sleeping rooms with each 2 single beds.
Toilet, shower
Navigation cabin
Spacious and sunny room for living and navigation.
Original wheel with automatic pilote via a Giro compass and dashboard with extense information.
Equipment VHF Sailor radio phone
Central diesel heating (Webasto water radiator)
Electricity: 24v 240 v
Two hot water gas heaters
Four pits gas stove
Yachting waters This yacht departed, soon after its construction, from England through the Bay of Biscaye, to Portugal and Gibraltar and made this route several times.
The ship navigated in the Western Mediterranean Sea and hibernated in the south of Spain.
In 1992 the current owner bought this ship in Mallorca (Pollença) and brought it to belgium for profound revision (CNR–Shipyard of Rupelmonde.)
He navigated in Belgium and the Netherlands and went twice back to the meditarranean Sea via Le Havre and Paris and through the canals, the river Saône and the Rhône. Later the ship went back to the river Schelde in Temse and hibernated in Zeebrugge, Blankenberge and Ostend where the ship is currently moored (Mercatordock).
State of the ship Certain things need to be improved with the electricity, the radar, the heating and the old engines (60 year old!); they still function and they are one of the reasons for classification by the 'Varend Erfgoed van Vlaanderen' (Flemish Maritime Heritage). Still they need a deep revision depending on the navigation waters the owner would choose for the ship (direct cooling or intercooling/intensity of the use).
Thornycroft This ship was designed and constructed by the Thornycroft–concern for a client of the company and was equipped with the most advanced technology and yacht construction techniques of its time.
The yacht was equipped with all possible spare parts to be able to stay for a minimum of two years independently of the waters it was navigating (some of the spare parts are still on board, however rather as a souvenir or model than as a practical spare part.)
Mooring Mercator Marina - Oostende - Belgium
For a visit: contact the ownver via email
Price 48.000 €
Owner VAN STEEN, Luc
Schoytestraat 58 – 2000 Antwerp
03/2382407 - 0475/479805